Draperies &

Westfair Restoration Services’ technicians are experienced in all aspects of drapery, upholstery, carpet cleaning and restoration. Wherever possible, cleaning is performed on-site. If materials must be moved, technicians will carefully pack all items for removal to our facility.

It is important to treat all furnishings and materials promptly to maximize the chances for full restoration to pre-damage conditions.

Westfair Draperies & Carpet Cleaning Process

Our process to HVAC and Duct cleaning is both less costly and more time-saving than system replacement, therefore minimizing property losses.

Male worker removing dust from curtains with professional vacuum cleaner indoors

In the case of carpets glued to floors, Westfair’s technicians will remove all excess water, treat the carpet with a specially formulated fungicide, clean thoroughly and deodorized using state-of-the-art machines and methods.

For carpets with pads, similar procedures are followed. It is important to note that wet pads cannot usually be restored one hundred percent and therefore are generally replaced.

Specialty area rugs may be removed and brought to our fabric cleaning facility to be cleaned and deodorized.


Whatever the project,
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